Barbara Pearson Arau
New Century Books
ISBN: 0930751213
Mystery / Suspense

Reviewed by Barbara Buhrer, MyShelf.Com
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Dinah McKinnon escapes to Webb Key in the Florida Keys to come to terms with the death of her father and with her soon-to-be divorce. She decides to unwind and write a cookbook.

Her desire for quiet is shattered by her neighbor, Rena Schmidt, who introduces her to the town's people. There is a captain who collects doll parts; an artist and an ex-banker, a gay couple; a young child who is speechless; and Joe, a handsome charter boat captain.

When the artist is found murdered, a young drifter is held, released and later found murdered. The banker pleads with Dinah to find the murderer, since he is now being held as the prime suspect.

Dinah finds herself attracted to Joe, and against his admonitions tries to clear Oscar and places herself in peril.

This is a lighthearted mystery, involving a group of eccentric, zany and fascinating characters, all of whom add to the reader's enjoyment. There is a very realistic and exciting account of a tropical hurricane which places the reader in its center.

Dinah in the kitchen gives us some savory recipes which tempt the reader to head for the kitchen, either to prepare the dishes or to look for a snack.

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