Someone to Watch Over Me by Jill Churchill
A Grace and Favor Mystery, No. 3
William Marrow - 2001
ISBN: 0060199415 - Hardcover
Historical Mystery - Hudson River, 1932

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks, MyShelf.Com
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In the first mystery, we learned that Lily and Robert lost all in the crash of '29. Their great-uncle left them an estate but control of it is in the keeping of Mr. Prinney, meaning they have to earn a living in this trying time - a time when survival can only be found in helping your fellow man.

Robert is tearing down the old icehouse to give the wood away. Lily has joined a women's group. Their newspaper editor Jack goes to the Bonus Army March in Washington.

Robert discovers a mummified corpse in the icehouse, and no one knows who it is. He and Chief Walker go New York to look up the tailor whose name was found on the jacket.

Lily finally meets up with all the local ladies and gets to know them better. Just in time, I say, because the husband of one is found dead, and who better to team up with the single and handsome Chief Walker than Lily?

Jack makes it to Washington, and just as he is getting to the true story, President Hoover sends his army, led by three future historical figures, McCarthy, Eisenhower, and Patton, to burn the tents down and run the veterans out of town.

As the storyline moves the cases begin to mingle in that everyone takes interest in each other and offers up advice or help. It's a positive mystery in that no matter who or what lets them down, encouragement and support can always be found.

The Grace and Favor series is double pleasure in that there is plenty of mystery to enjoy and the historical details are powerful reminders of our past. You can't go wrong with a Jill Churchill mystery and this is one series I highly recommend.

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