By D.J. Brown
AmErica House - December 2001
ISBN: 1588517489 - Paperback
for explicit language, violence, scenes of rape

Reviewed by Nancy Mehl for MyShelf.com
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Things seem to have finally smoothed out in Claire Cunningham's life. Her four-year-old son, Toby, has recovered from the death of his father, even though he still clings to Claire a little more than he should. And, Claire has a boyfriend, Michael. But when Toby expresses his doubts about Michael, "His mouth smiles at me, but his eyes look mad," Claire decides to end the relationship. Before she has a chance to inform Michael that their affair is over, Claire's life turns down a dark and devastating road - taking away everything that is important to her, leaving her with nothing but hate - and the need for revenge.

In the middle of the storm that rages around her, Claire meets a rancher, Glen Howell. Glen is kind and solicitous, but Claire reacts with fear because of his green eyes. What is it about green eyes that frighten her? As Glen and the Chief of Police try to put together the pieces of Claire's broken life, she discovers secrets that hold a horrible truth - something she will decide to deal with in her own way.

Claire's justice is fueled by revenge. And there will be a price to pay. SWEET REVENGE will search the hearts of all concerned - including the reader's. A surprise ending is delivered with finesse. You won't forget Claire's story for a long, long time.

Brown delivers SWEET REVENGE with excellent writing and masterful story-telling skills. This is an easy to read, but hard to put down novel that presents more than a story. It presents an experience.

I highly recommend SWEET REVENGE and can hardly wait for D.J. Brown's next novel.

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