A Novel of Suspense
By Aaron Elkins
William Morrow
ISBN: 0060197706 - Hardcover
Suspense / Contemporary

Reviewed by Barbara Buhrer, MyShelf.Com
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History professor Pete Simon's 17-year marriage to Lily is shattered when Lily's father arrives at their doorstep, demanding to see her and to show her a film he has. Lily had told Pete that her father, Marcel Vercier, was executed by the Nazis in occupied France 20 years ago.

The next day, Vercier's body is found, brutally slain. Their home is invaded by thugs demanding the copy of the film. Lily disappears, leaving a note that she must straighten out her life and begging Pete not to look for her. The only clue Pete can find about Vercier is a business card of Lebrun, an antique dealer in Barcelona. Pete discover that Lebrun and Vercier were partners.

With nothing else to lead him to Lily, Pete departs for Spain. There he searches for clues to Vercier's past, which leads him to Veaudry in France where he discovers Vercier was considered a collaborationist, and learns dismaying facts about Lily's role in France during the Nazi occupation. He continues his search for Lily, uncovering treachery and greed, but also honor.

This is the story of an innocent man caught in the complex events of a war-torn population and of a woman tormented by her past. It is an intriguing concept about the philosophy of conduct of citizens of an occupied nation. The plot is well developed with the search of one man for the truth. It is well written with an excellent view of the people and times during wartime.


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