Twice Dead
A Taylor Madison Mystery
By Elizabeth Dearl
Avid Press - 2001
ISBN 1-931419-18-3 - Paperback
Mystery /Cozy

Reviewed by: Mary Lynn, MyShelf.Com
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Mystery writer and recent transplant to the small southwest Texas town of Perdue, Taylor Madison, soon finds herself embroiled in a murder mystery when her friend Bo Posey's long lost husband is found in the chimney of a small house on the Posey property. Although Bo presents a gruff exterior, Taylor is determined to prove her friend's innocence, even if it interferes with her romance with Cal Arnette, which is brewing quite nicely. Although Cal likes and respects Bo, as a deputy and the only candidate in the upcoming sheriff's election, he has to follow the evidence, which seems to point squarely at Bo.

Convinced that no one else seems to think Bo is innocent, Taylor sets out to solve the thirty-year old mystery. When an attempt is made on the life of Bo's granddaughter, Taylor knows she's getting close to the truth. The only question is, will Taylor unmask the killer before someone else is murdered?

Although I love reading and reviewing mysteries, I have to admit to sometimes skipping over the boring parts to get back to the action. That didn't happen with Twice Dead because there were no boring parts. Ms. Dearl immediately engages me in the every day life of the residents of Perdue. She gives just enough detail to give the story a full, rich texture and weight, but not so much that it slows the story down.

Ms. Dearl has a pleasant and engaging writing style that tends to make her characters feel like real people. Even when I questioned Taylor's actions and motivations, I found myself caring about her and those she cared about.

I enjoyed Twice Dead as much as I enjoyed the first Taylor Madison mystery, Diamondback and am eagerly looking forward to the next Taylor Madison mystery.


Mary Lynn is the author of Dear Cari.

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