By Clay Shannon - 2001
ISBN: 1588985008 - Paperback
Suspense / Contemporary / Child Abuse

Reviewed by Barbara Buhrer, MyShelf.Com
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Twisted Roads is in four parts, dealing with child abuse and sexual predators.

Part 1 is the story of Tom Tilford and his seven-year-old daughter Katrina. Katrina is kidnapped as she leaves her school bus by Roy Thornquist, a sexual predator who had been released from a mental hospital. The two psychologists there had pronounced him rehabilitated. He had been suspected in the kidnapping of another child whose body was never recovered. The local police with the assistance of the State Police and the Canadian police track Thornquist with dog teams. Thornquist believes that if he is on the border between the U S and Canada the authorities will be confused about jurisdiction and he cannot be convicted.

Part 2 is the story of the Tracy family whose daughter was kidnapped by Thornquist. In prison Thornquist bragged about killing her and burying her body. In the course of the search for Thornquist. the police question his roommate at the hospital and learn from him the location of the body. The Tracy family had finally come to terms with her disappearance and now, 16 years later, must come to terms with her rape and murder.

Part 3: This is an account of the formation by a millionaire of a vigilante group, Warmstorm, whose sole purpose is to rid the world of sexual predators. The vigilantes are carefully screened and sworn to secrecy. Three sexual predators are eliminated. One of the vigilantes vows never to be a part of the plan again.

Part 4: This is the aftermath of the killings. One of the vigilantes turns rogue and kills of his own choosing. When he is apprehended he reveals the existence of WarmStorm, affecting all those involved.

This is a timely subject written in a simple manner dealing with the psychological effects of the kidnappings on the families and persons involved. The narration about the vigilante group is gripping in its concept and its aftermath. Much thought is given to how the problem of sexual predators should or could be handled.

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