Vengeance is Mine by Bonita Wagner
Writers Club Press/ - August 2001
ISBN: 0595194850
Suspense, Thriller, Police procedural

Reviewed by Shannon I. Bigham,
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There is a drug called "Boomers" that is highly addictive. It just takes one pill and an experimenting teen can turn into an addict. Texas Rangers Travis Bonham and Manny Ruiz investigate and try to get down to the bottom of who is ruining lives by selling Boomers.

Bonham and Ruiz's investigation is the focus of this fast-moving story. Bonham and Ruiz have an action-packed investigation, which leads to shoot-outs with murderers and drug dealers, working with street informants, chasing illegal aliens, discovering drug labs, interaction with defense attorneys, and undercover operations at a seedy, secretive business. We become familiar with a few of the many teens that are taking Boomers and we get a look at how life altering this horrific drug can be for so many people.

As the investigation ensues, finding the source of the Boomers becomes personal for more than one person in this story. The damage inflicted by Boomers changes the lives of many and the suspense mounts as Bonham and Ruiz attempt to close in on the perpetrator. A high-profile defense attorney becomes involved in the case, which adds an interesting angle to the story.

The author keeps you highly entertained with her action-packed, fast-moving story. The suspense starts at chapter one and increases with every chapter. The book has some interesting twists that keeps the story original. The characters of Bonham and Ruiz are exciting to read about and a bit of humor is interspersed in the book. The writing is crisp and concise. I liked the fact that the chapters in "Vengeance Is Mine" were short. It kept the story moving quickly and I found myself wanting to read "just one more chapter" before I forcing myself to put the book down for a break. I recommend this book to anyone that enjoys a taut, fast, suspenseful story that centers on a criminal investigation.

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