Velvet Sky
By Rusty Van Reeves
Trafford - May 2002
Mystery / coming of age
ISBN: 1553693140

Reviewed by Susan Johnson, MyShelf.Com
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Rusty Van Reeves is 10 days younger than I am. He describes the childhood and coming of age of young people in a small Mississippi town in the early 1970's. This town could be anywhere in the south, the children anyone of a group of forty-something people. I felt so many of his descriptions in my heart, and deep in my memories. He could have been describing any number of days and summer nights from my growing up.

The main characters are all very different, yet linked in many ways. Patrick is a young man who is being pushed by his father to become a prize athlete. Chas has been his best friend since grade school and is struggling with a secret he feels he must keep or risk losing everything he holds precious; Chelsea has a secret of her own that is so horrible it could slowly destroy her. Kelley is a beautiful, yet kindhearted girl who cares deeply about everyone.

These characters are slowly drawn together when Chelsea's secret comes to light when a horrible murder is discovered. The characters in this book are very believable. The reader grows to understand and care about each and every one.

The book progresses from the early ages of 9 or 10 until the characters are graduating high school. The mystery of the two young people's secrets and the growing love between the other two keep the book interesting and rapidly moving forward. All in all, Velvet Sky is a wonderful read and I would gladly recommend it.

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