By Lee Killough
Meisha Merlin Publishing - May 2002
ISBN: 1892065711 - Paperback
Mystery / Paranormal / Horror
Explicit violence

Reviewed by Nancy Mehl, MyShelf.com
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Allison Goodnight is a police detective. She is also a werewolf, as is nearly half the police force in the small Texas town of Arenosa. Unfortunately, her new partner, Zane Kerr, is not. Zane is a zealous and intelligent young officer, intent on proving his abilities; a quality which threatens to expose Allison's true identity.

When a series of extremely grisly murders rock Arenosa, Allison and Zane are assigned to investigate them and bring the murderer to justice. Allison immediately recognizes the scent of a rouge werewolf, but she can not share this information with her new partner. The excuses, explanations, and deflective measures she used on her former partner to explain her unusual abilities won't work with Zane - simply because the young man is too smart for his own good.

Her situation is further exacerbated when her daughter takes a more than passing interest in Zane. As Allison and Zane close in on the killer, the young detective gets perilously close to the truth about Allison and her unusual "family." It is a truth that once uncovered, will put him in as much danger as the rogue werewolf's victims.

This is another great page-turner from Killough. The culture she creates for her werewolf "family" is fascinating in its logic, its depth, and its creativity. This murder mystery will grip you and hold you tight until you reach its satisfying conclusion. However, WILDING NIGHTS is not for the squeamish. There are a couple of very graphic murder scenes.

Ms. Killough has gained a fan. For readers who like a good supernatural mystery, WILDING NIGHTS fills the bill. I look forward to reading more from this talented author.


Nancy Mehl is the author of "Graven Images" and "Sinner's Song."


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