Without a Trace
By Tim Miller
greatunpublished.com - 2002
ISBN: 1588985237 - paperback
Mystery / Police

Reviewed by: Barbara Buhrer, MyShelf.Com
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In the town of Riverside, Indiana, Midwestern University coeds have been disappearing. The police maintain that the girls have just left town, but veteran detective, Rex Thomas, believes that there is a sinister connection.

When the car belonging to one of the missing girls is torched in her driveway, the police have to agree with Thomas, and assign him and a new member of the force, Drew Kane, to the investigation.

Drew has become involved with Angela Woods, a criminal justice major at the university and an intern at the police department. When she turns up missing, he believes she is the latest victim of the serial killer. Drew and Rex must find the killer before he claims another victim.

This is a fast read with a well-developed plot. The description of the killer's method of murder is chilling. The emotions of the victims are very realistically portrayed. The reader can feel their terror and feelings of hopelessness. We are presented with the portrait of a cold, sadistic killer, shaped by the trauma of his youth, who presents a civilized face to the world.

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