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Publisher: HarperCollins 
Release Date: July 29, 2003 
ISBN: 0060193883 
Format Reviewed: Hardcover - reviewed Advanced Reader Copy 
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Genre: Mystery / Cozy
Reviewed: 2003
Reviewer: Brenda Weeaks 
Reviewer Notes:  

A Bloodhound to Die For
Bloodhound Mystery series, No. 6
By Virginia Lanier 

     Located in Georgia, just off the Okefenokee Swamp, Jo Beth Sidden runs a Bloodhound service. If you've lost 'em, she'll find'em, and that's a fact. And that's why an escaped prisoner is purposely heading her way. Jimmy Joe lives for the Okefenokee. He's escaped prison many times just to return to the place he loves. But this time he breaks out of Monroe prison with a new purpose: Jo Beth. He is fascinated by her professional skills and wants her attention. When he takes something she dearly loves, that's exactly what he gets.

     Jo Beth also has to deal with family, so to speak. You know, cousins-once-removed and all that. When one lives in a small area, folks tend to get cliquish, judgmental, and cruel. Jo Beth has to put up with more than her share, especially since she took care of her ex-husband, Bubba. In this episode, attitudes get worse after she tries to save three lives affected by a mere rumor--a sad situation.

     Jo Beth's personal life with her trainers and the man she has fallen for are a big part of this series. With the exception of Bubba's fate, there are no catch-ups of previous episodes. If this your first Jo Beth/Bloodhound read you might come away feeling a little lost yourself. Consider starting with the first book in the series. You will most likely become an instant fan.

     I can't really call this episode a true mystery. It's more about the bloodhounds and Jo Beth. The focus is on searching for the truth about a rumor, finding an elderly lady in the swamp, and hunting down Jimmy Joe. Readers will experience Bloodhound search and rescue as told in first person by Jo Beth. Still, all in all, it's an interesting read.