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Publisher: Time Warner Audio Books
Release Date: June 2003
Format Reviewed: Audio Cassette Abridged edition
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Genre: Mystery
Reviewed: 2003
Reviewer: Brenda Weeaks

A Body to Die For
Bailey Weggins Mystery, No. 2
By Kate White

Kate Walsh (Reader)

     Its mud wraps and murder.

     Bailey Weggins of If Looks Could Kill continues to work for Gloss Magazine. Writing the occasional crime story comes in handy when Bailey discovers a body in the spa she has been invited to by a good friend. In investigating the mystery Bailey learns from a waitress about a past death at Cedar Inn. She soon discovers an unsavory secret about the spa that its owner-her good friend-isn't aware of …or is she?

     The Bailey Weggins mysteries are an acquired taste. The themes so far are feminine and Bailey's main conversations in life, besides mysteries, are her sex life and her appearance. Although the focus could have been a bit more on the mystery, it still held up. The clues were subtle enough to lengthen the suspense for this listener. If you like Sex And The City type characters, you will like this all girls mystery series.

     Actress Kate Walsh is the reader of Time Warner's audio version. Her voice fits Bailey to a tee. Listeners will enjoy the interview she conducts at the end with Bailey's creator, Kate White. To me, those Time Warner interviews are like getting extra sprinkles on an ice cream sundae.

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