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Publisher: Mysterious Press/ Warner
Release Date: June 2003
ISBN: 0892967749
Format Reviewed:Hardcover
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Genre: Mystery /police
Reviewed: 2003
Reviewer: Barbara Buhrer
Reviewer Notes:

A Cruel Season for Dying
By Harker Moore  

     Japanese-American New York police detective James Sakura is up against the most challenging case of his career.

     A serial killer has targeted gay men, leaving them naked, with swan feathers inserted into their backs to simulate angel wings. Forensics has difficulty finding the cause of the deaths.

     Sakura enlists the aid of his former partner and of a FBI profiler to help him find the killer, who has changed his MO, now killing a child.

     The situation becomes desperate when a reporter infiltrates the police department and reveals the situation in the press, causing panic with the public.

     With the help of a Yeshiva University professor, the team is given clues which can lead to the killer's identity. Sakura is challenged by the killer in a race to prevent his latest target: Sakura's family.

     This is a chilling story of the struggle to stop a demented psychotic killer. The plot is deftly constructed with a compelling story. The writing style is smooth, realistic and easy to read. The story is intriguing, with much psychological suspense.

      There are flashbacks to Sakura's Japanese upbringing and to his relationship with his blind wife, which help the reader's understanding of his character.

     A Cruel Season for Dying is a riveting story which will hold the interest of the reader.

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