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Publisher: Harper Audio 
Release Date: May 13, 2003  
ISBN: 0-06-0053346-1 
Format Reviewed: Audio Compact Disk (Abridged) 
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Genre: Military Adventure 
Reviewed: 2003
Reviewer:  Jo Rogers
Reviewer Notes: Violence, Language 

Air Battle Force
By Dale Brown

     Taliban fighters ambushed an unarmed United Nations convoy. They killed all of the U. N. workers and took their equipment and supplies. However, they discovered too late that the convoy was not unprotected. An American stealth craft was watching. Before the Taliban could leave, their convoy was hit by a laser-guided missile they never saw, only heard. Some survived, but instead of going back to their clans they headed north to Turkmenistan.

     Turkmenistan is a small, oil-rich country that was once part of the Soviet Union. Though they are officially independent, the Russian Federation is still firmly in control. The president doesn't even speak the country's official language. He is, instead, a puppet, hand picked by Moscow.

     The Taliban leader swore he had been told by God to take over Turkmenistan and make it a refuge and training ground for Taliban forces. This he proceeded to do. The Turkmen army, mostly ill-equipped, poorly trained and inexperienced conscripts, only too gladly joined with the Taliban, rather than die.

     President Thomas Thorn refused to commit American Marines to help the Turkemnis, but he went to Major General Patrick McLanahan to see what he was building at Battle Mountain, Nevada. The underground air base had more high-tech aircraft and weapons than the Taliban could possibly defend against. So it would be up to McLanahan and his Air Battle Force to stop the Taliban and the Russians from invading the helpless nation. Will they be up to the task?

     Air Battle Force is a high-flying, high-tech adventure sure to please military fiction buffs. The performance of veteran actor David McCallum only enhances an already good story.