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Publisher: William Morrow
Release Date: March 2003
ISBN: 006000584X
Format Reviewed: Advanced Reader Copy (Trade Paperback)
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Genre: Contemporary Suspense
Reviewer: Barbara Buhrer
Reviewer Notes: Explicit violence

Bannerman's Ghosts
By John R.Maxim  

     Paul Bannerman has settled in the gated community of Greens Farm Estates in Westport, CT. He has with him a select group of friends, all former assassins, known as Bannerman's Ghosts because they are believed to be dead. They are trying to live normal lives, but will bring their "talents" to protect their friends if threatened.

     Bannerman is being pressured by Artemus Bourne to locate Elizabeth Stride, the Black Angel. Bourne is an entrepreneur who has control of nations and politicians. He has a pharmaceutical facility in Angola which is manufacturing a virulent vaccine which he has used to control rival factions in Africa. He will use Elizabeth as a pawn in one of his ventures.

     Elizabeth, a former assassin, has made a life for herself on Hilton Head Island, S.C., but is forced to flee to Bannerman's sanctuary when she is discovered.

     It is a race to force Bourne to divulge the antidote to the vaccine he has let loose before there are mass deaths.

     The well-developed plot is compelling in its ramifications about the use of vaccines and the means taken to circumvent them. The use of these by unscrupulous individuals is riveting. There is much information about the use of vaccines and their effects on humans.

     It is rich in detail about the cruelty, sadism and cannibalism of the leaders of the various factions in Africa. The scenes of attacks on opponents are graphic and terrifying.

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