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Publisher: Scribner 
Release Date: July 2003
ISBN: 0-7432-3346-8
Format Reviewed: Hardcover
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Genre: Fiction/Suspense
Reviewed: 2003
Reviewer: Beverly J. Rowe
Reviewer Notes: Explicit forensic pathology details

Bare Bones
Temperance Brennan series, No. 6
Kathy Reichs

     Temperance Brennan is back in another exciting adventure complete with the accurate and graphic forensic details that are Kathy Reichs' trademark. It's not for the squeamish, but I was hooked from the beginning phrase: "As I was packaging what remained of the dead baby, the man I would kill was burning pavement north toward Charlotte."

     Tempe is a sassy forensic anthropologist for the North Carolina medical examiner and the Laboratoire de Sciences Judiciaires et de Medecine Legale for the province of Quebec. Expert in the assessment of bones, especially human ones, she helps to determine the identity of the deceased, and how they died. This story also has elements of the slaughter-for-profit of endangered animal species.

     Tempe is all set to go on a well-deserved romantic vacation with Andrew Ryan, the hunk from Quebec, when body parts start showing up, and Tempe is called upon to assist in the investigation. As more remains turn up, both human and animal, and Tempe gets closer to the truth, she finds that she is the intended victim of a stalker who e-mails very recent photos of Tempe and her daughter, and threatens their lives.

     You can always count on Kathy Reichs for a mesmerizing story that will keep you up all night. The many characters are vivid and compelling. The plot has twists and turns that will keep you guessing. If you aren't already a fan of this exciting author, you will be after reading Bare Bones.

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