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Publisher: Mystery & Suspense Press/
Release Date: 2003
ISBN: 0-595-27063-8
Format Reviewed: Trade Paperback
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Genre: Mystery/suspense
Reviewed: 2003
Reviewer: Beverly J. Rowe
Reviewer Notes: Book One of a proposed series

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Black Irish Setter
By Bill Stackhouse  

     A has-been in her late 20's, six-one, and one-hundred-seventy-eight pound Caitlin O'Rourke is on medical retirement from pro volleyball. She's not happy with the situation, but decides to buy an Irish Pub as a family enterprise, with her bother, Seamus, and sister-in-law Mary Grace as operators, and an upstairs apartment for Kate to call home. Kate and her police officer brother, Patrick, are silent partners. Kate ends up in a donnybrook with a revulsive and inebriated customer one night that sets the stage for the murder of a lady that Kate is babysitting a few days later.

     Stackhouse has come up with a wonderful cast of likable characters, and some really obnoxious bad guys. The plot is fast-paced and exciting, with Kate as the witty narrator who is constantly in trouble, with her head generally taking the brunt of the confrontations and her nose becoming more prominent with each blow.

     Then a former romantic interest, the handsome now-divorced, Chris Panacopoulos comes home. Then... Well I don't want to be a spoiler...

     The plot takes several unexpected twists, and the surprise ending is hair-raising.
Bill gets better with each new novel. I can't wait for the next book in the series. I think Kate is going to be one of my favorite series characters.

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