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Publisher: iUniverse/Writers Advantage
Release Date: January, 2003
ISBN: 0595264751
Format Reviewed: Trade paperback
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Genre: Adventure
Reviewer: Janet Elaine Smith
Reviewer Notes:

The Bristol Expedition
By Valerie C. Orona with Albert Orona, Sr. 

     Can you imagine being called into the office by your boss and told you are being sent on an extended "vacation" at the company's expense? That is exactly what happens to George and Alice Bristol. They are sent off in a brand new RV to see the country for the boss.

     George and Alice are a typical, all-American couple. Alice is pre-menopausal and George is a bit of a slob, a grouch, her normal male counterpart. The fun begins right from the start, at the trip to the dealer to pick out the ideal motor home, and continues on the road.

     George has pre-mapped their route to coincide with the Lewis and Clark Expedition. This is a timely sidelight to the book, as this year marks the bi-centennial of the famous duo, and myriads of people will be following that very trail this summer. It is a unique way to educate, while providing entertainment at the same time.

      And entertaining it is. George takes on a group of bikers at a diner, showing them that RVers really do have a sense of humor. When Alice offers just a bit too much back seat driving for George's taste, he offers to let her take the wheel, then drives off, leaving her standing by the side of the road.

     The Bristol Expedition was the best read I've seen in quite some time. The authors, themselves RV-ers, speak with great authority and a delightful sense of humor. If you are planning to hit the road this summer, this is a must read. If you don't plan to travel, you can become an armchair camper in these pages. One word of warning: once you open the book, it is harder to fold up and put away than a road map.

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