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Publisher: iUniverse
Release Date: 2003
ISBN: 0595256716
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Genre: Mystery
Reviewed: 2003
Reviewer: Susan Johnson
Reviewer Notes:

The Butcher of Beverly Hills
A Screwball mystery featuring Kerry and Terry McAfee
By Jennifer Colt 

     The rich widows of Beverly Hills are dying, and in some not-so-pretty ways. Lenore Richling, an eighty-something widow, is recovering from a face lift in a ritzy Beverly Hills hotel. She sends for her dear friend Reba's nieces to help her with a "delicate" situation. Seems her 28-year-old Hispanic husband has taken off with 10,000 dollars. Not a large sum for her, but the humiliation is much greater.

     Kerry and Terry McAfee are private detectives and agree to take on the case. They are also young, pretty redheads, who just happen to be identical twins. They have heard all the twin jokes and been asked more than once if they are twins, even though they look exactly alike.

     Kerry and Terry are hot on the trail when the husband is murdered, another widow is found dead and someone seems to be dealing hot and heavy in illegal prescription drugs.

    Not since Janet Evanovich have I read such a funny, laugh-out-loud book. The characters are great fun, and invariably find themselves in some of the most hilarious situations. The girls act like sisters, fight like sisters and defend each other like sisters. I have to hope that this will become a continuing series. I would gladly recommend this book to anyone looking for a good belly-laugh type book.

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