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Publisher: iUniverse 
Release Date:  August 2003
ISBN: 0595291236 
Format Reviewed: Trade paperback  
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Genre:  Suspense
Reviewed: 2003
Reviewer: Barbara Buhrer  
Reviewer Notes:  

Chasing Demons
By Christy Tilley French  

     At the age of 13 Kendra was "sold" to Tony Salvatori by her father in payment of a debt. Salvatori, the biggest crime boss in the Southeast, renames Kendra "Angel" and marries her. He keeps her a virtual prisoner, always watched by his goons. When she defies him, he physically abuses her. When Kendra discovers he was instrumental in the death of her mother, she refuses to be his wife, but becomes pregnant when he rapes her. Salvatori does not want her to have any children and forces her to have an abortion. On the way from the hospital she is able to steal their car. By various means she finds herself in Black Mountain, North Carolina. There, bleeding from her abortion, she seeks shelter in a horse barn.

    Garth Fisher finds her barely alive, pleading that he not let anyone find her, that "he killed my baby." Garth enlists the aid of his veterinarian friend, Thad Browlee, who recognizes her as Salvatori's wife. He advises Garth not to be involved as Salvatori is powerful, dangerous and a killer.Garth, who has problems of his own coming to terms with the death of a hostage, refuses to abandon Kendra and nurses her back to health.

     In the meantime,e Salvatori has sent inquiries and investigators searching for Kendra vowing to make her pay for leaving him. Tony's efforts to find her are filled with violence and brutality. The final confrontation between Tony and Kendra is gut- wrenching.

    This is a fast paced, suspenseful story with compelling characters. We watch the transformation of Kendra from an abused girl to a woman, determined to be free from abuse. It is a delight to witness the gentle love which develops between Kendra and Garth.

     This is French's third book, each with a different theme and each outstanding. She is superb at whatever subject she decides to explore. She writes with a wealth of feeling and understanding for her characters. There is assuredly a bright future for Christy Tilley French.