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Publisher: 1stBooks Library
Release Date: May 2002
ISBN: 0759686610
Format Reviewed: Hardcover
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Genre: Mystery
Reviewed: 2003
Reviewer: Sheila Griffin
Reviewer Notes: Some sexual situations, none graphic

Deadly Brew
She Loved Him to Death
By T. F. Sisters 

     Samantha and Grant are happily married--until Cynthia comes along. She's a rich blonde seductress who cares only about herself. Cynthia gets everything she wants, and she wants Grant.

     Grant loves his wife and children, but finds himself unable to resist Cynthia's charms. He becomes obsessed with her and divorces Samantha.

     Cynthia soon discovers that although Grant is a successful lawyer, he is deeply in debt. Cynthia regrets marrying Grant; however, divorcing in a communal property state would be too costly. Instead she begins to plan. First she convinces him that they should each take out a million-dollar insurance policy naming the other as the sole beneficiary. Next she contacts an old friend who just happens to be a hit man.

     This short book makes for easy reading in one sitting. It is a good effort for a first novel. Some of the dialogue is a little stilted, and Cynthia is so mean that at times she is slightly unbelievable. However, the story line more than makes up for any weaknesses. Engrossing plot twists keep the pages turning.

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