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Publisher: Mulligan Books, Inc.
Release Date: Jan. 2003
ISBN: 10971974985
Format Reviewed: Trade paperback
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Genre: Suspense thriller
Reviewed: 2003
Reviewer: Barbara Buhrer
Reviewer Notes:

Deadly Dance
By Darville Knowles, M.D. 

     When Dr. Evander Parker, noted psychologist, accepts John McIllvane as a new patient, he doesn't realize that McIllvane is really crime boss Sal Roselli, who is about to set him up to be accused of murder and arson.

     With all evidence against him, Parker seeks the help of investigator Taylor Nash, who guides him through the morass of life-on-the-run.

     In their pursuit of the truth, Parker is forced to live as a street person who is eluding capture by the police.

     The action takes the reader from the streets of Miami and San Francisco to Jamaica and to millionaire homes in California.

     Each character has been developed in detail from different racial backgrounds, many of them colorful and showing the influences of society, and showing their relationships to each other.

     The relationship between Nash and Parker is complex and demanding.

     Deadly Dance is a well-crafted novel which covers racketeering, drugs, murder, infidelity, medical malpractice and illegal immigration.

     This is a tale of suspense which will hold the reader spellbound as he reads of the influence of ruthless ambition upon the lives of innocent people.

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