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Publisher: Warner Books
Release Date: February 2003
ISBN: 0-89296-677-7
Format Reviewed: Hardback
Genre: Mystery/Cozy
Reviewed: 2003
Reviewer: Mary Lynn

Death of a Village
A Hamish MacBeth Mystery
By M C Beaton 

In Death of a Village, Highland Police Officer Hamish MacBeth almost has more trouble than he can handle. Something is terribly wrong in the remote fishing village of Stoyre. The people are behaving strangely and are more inhospitable than usual, but when questioned, refuse to admit anything is wrong. When a holiday cottage is blown up, the locals call it an act of God and refuse to help in any way. Later, when an old woman is frightened to death no one will admit to knowing anything. Back at home in Lochdubh, a wife beater disappears and a young child is missing. When Hamish returns to Stoyre after solving those mysteries, two attempts are made on his life.

I have read and enjoyed so many Hamish MacBeth Mysteries that reading Death of A Village felt like a visit with old friends. In this series, M C Beaton has managed to create an entire village of people that I feel as if I know. Along with Hamish, who is my favorite literary sleuth, I always look forward to seeing villagers such as Angela, Archie, Willie, and newcomer Elspeth.

As usual, M C Beaton has managed to skillfully blend an intriguing and complex mystery with a sense of humor that is totally addicting. Her easy, warm style continues to breathe life into the people of Lochdubh. I always begin reading an M C Beaton mystery with high hopes, expecting to be entertained and amused. In Death of a Village, she does both. I can highly recommend Death of a Village for those seeking an engrossing and thoroughly enjoyable mystery.

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