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Publisher: PublishAmerica
Release Date: September 2002
ISBN: 1592862187
Format Reviewed: Hardcover
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Genre: Mystery / Supernatural
Reviewer: Nancy Mehl
Reviewer Notes:

Death by Bad Magic
By Violet Towe 

     Sarah Benefield's life has taken a dreadful turn. Her boss, a woman who seems to hate Sarah for no reason, is murdered - and Sarah is arrested. Now she must sell the land she loves to pay her legal bills. Her husband, Paul, turns his back on her. Sarah is frightened - and alone. She reaches out to someone from her past for help - a private investigator, Rick Abolon. He asks her to fly to New Orleans - the city that Sarah's boss, Evelyn Marcus, came from. After receiving permission from the court in Lawrenceville, Georgia to leave the state, Rick greets her with a bizarre story that includes Voodoo and curses, things that Sarah can't accept. Her skepticism is cut short, however, after an evil Bokor, a practitioner of bad magic, kidnaps her. As Rick and a local sheriff, along with a female detective, search frantically for Sarah, a priest of Vodun named Herbie, prepares to battle the Bokor. The fight becomes even more personal for Priest Herbie, after the Bokor also kidnaps Herbie's daughter. The confrontation and the consequences escalate when Bokoraham, the Father of Bad Magic, is freed from his underworld prison. As the powers of Voodoo are unleashed, demons and evil spirits turn animals into monsters that can be defeated only through the good spirits that align themselves with Sarah, Priest Herbie, and their friends.

     Violet Towe has combined mystery and fantasy into an engrossing novel that is hard to put down. Although she takes a chance by creating characters and situations that are definitely "over the edge" of believability, somehow it works to create a wonderful tale that will leave you breathless. Her thorough research into the Voodoo religion adds credibility to this novel, making it even more fascinating. Her imaginative characters and creations are vividly painted and exciting.

     Death by Bad Magic will keep you turning the pages. It is entertaining and different. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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