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Publisher: Harper Audio 
Release Date: June 17, 2003 
ISBN: 0-06-054856-8 
Format Reviewed: Audio Cassette 
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Genre: Mystery/Thriller 
Reviewed: 2003
Reviewer:  Jo Rogers
Reviewer Notes:  Sex, Violence, Language

Die in Plain Sight
By Elizabeth Lowell 

     Lacey Quinn was adamant; she was determined to show her grandfather's paintings to Susa Donovan to see if he was as great as she thought he was. Her father was equally adamant. He wanted nothing to dim his chances of being appointed to a vacant judicial position. Not understanding her parent's opposition, Lacey agreed to use the fictitious name of January Marsh and leave only an email address to contact her. Then she selected the limit of three paintings and headed for Susa Donovan.

     But Lacey hadn't counted on Ian Lapstrake. The security specialist had gone into Lacey's shop to purchase a poster. Lacey hadn't counted on him also being Susa's bodyguard.

     Ms. Donovan, a famous artist, had agreed to appraise three paintings per person for a charity event. Lacey swore him to secrecy. When Susa declared them the work of Lewis Martin, Lacey realized why her father didn't want anyone to see the paintings. Grandpa David Quinn was a forger!

     Lacey was sure no one would know, since she had given them another name and no way to contact her but with the phony email address, but someone had recognized the murder scene Quinn had painted. And that someone was willing to kill to keep others from looking too closely at that painting.

     Die in Plain Sight is more of a romance novel where a murder is solved than a pure mystery. I found the explicit sex unnecessary and definitely unappealing. The foul language was also needless and offensive. However, the basic story was good. The performance by actress Maria Tucci was outstanding. Give this book a listen and see for yourself.