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Publisher: Top Publications
Release Date: 2003
ISBN: 1929976208
Format Reviewed: Trade paperback
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Genre: Mystery PI
Reviewed: 2003
Reviewer: Barbara Buhrer
Reviewer Notes:

Final Decree
By Kay Finch

     Corie McKenna, a Houston PI whose hobby is writing lyrics for country music, is hired by attorney Wade Alexander to assume surveillance on Suzanne, the wife of Edward Kemp, a prominent orthopedic surgeon. Kemp has been served divorce papers by Suzanne, and wants to fight to gain custody of their son. He is suspicious of her nocturnal absences from their home.

     On her first night surveillance of Suzanne, Corie witnesses Suzanne being gunned down in her own driveway, but is unable to see the assailant. Kemp is the logical suspect, but he has an alibi. Corie must find the truth and prove his innocence. Her investigations lead her to an exclusive men's club and startling revelations.

     This is a well-plotted mystery with characters true to life. Corie's final adjustment to the death of her husband and her resolution to get on with her life is treated with understanding.

     Corie is an intriguing and stimulating character. We hope we'll be reading more of her adventures in the future.

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