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Publisher: TwoRivers Publishing Co. 
Release Date: January 2004 
ISBN:  1401088945
Format Reviewed: Trade paperback 
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Genre: Mystery-Police 
Reviewed: 2003
Reviewer: Jen Oliver  
Reviewer Notes:  deals exclusively with 9/11 and Bin Laden

Ground Zero and Beyond
By J.P. McCarthy 

     Where would we be if 9/11 was solved differently, and when America went to find Bin Laden, what if we had caught him? Ground Zero and Beyond gives a different look at the War on Terrorism with a conclusion that this reader feels that most Americans would like to have had happen. Ground Zero and Beyond introduces readers to the world-renowned dental forensic pathologist, Dr. Patrick Murphy, who gets caught up in working to help identify the victims of the World Trade Center. He finds a hidden microdisk in one of the terrorist's bodies, and is asked to help search for Bin Laden.

     J.P. McCarthy does a fantastic job in helping the reader feel that they are in part of the identifying personnel and also feel the grief that many families felt about 9/11. The characterization of Dr. Patrick Murphy is right up there with the best. There could have been no other place that the story could have taken place except for The Big Apple. Mr. McCarthy does a superb job in his debut novel, and this reader encourages him to continue, especially with Dr. Patrick Murphy's character.