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Publisher: Little, Brown and Company  / Time Warner
Release Date: 2003 
ISBN: 0316614564 
Awards: Edgar Award winning author  
Format Reviewed: Hardcover 
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Genre: Detective / Mystery 
Reviewed: 2003
Reviewer: Jen Oliver 

The Harry Bosch Novels Volume 2
The Last Coyote, Trunk Music, Angels Flight
By Michael Connelly 

     Michael Connelly is the author of several novels and Harry Bosch is one of his two main characters that he uses for his stories. In this book, three of Bosch's novels are included. Each novel adds additional information on Bosch's character and continues to show why Michael Connelly continues to be a top-selling author.

     Mr. Connelly starts this trilogy with Harry Bosch being asked to take a leave from his job as a LAPD detective but Harry cannot sit for a lengthy period of time. In The Last Coyote, Bosch explores the mystery surrounding his mother and the reader learns extensive things about Harry that possibly explains why he sometimes acts the way he does among his co-workers. In Trunk Music, Harry gets caught up immediately in a Mafia murder and learns things that he does not necessarily want to have learned. In Angels Flight, Harry is faced with working with people that he just does not like in order to solve a complicated murder.

     In each novel, Connelly continues using his natural talent of writing to create a highly interesting character in Harry Bosch.

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