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Publisher: iUniverse 2003
Release Date:
ISBN: 059526381X
Format Reviewed: Trade paperback
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Genre: Fiction/mystery
Reviewed: 2003
Reviewer: Barbara Buhrer
Reviewer Notes:

Jade's Photos
An Ace Edwards Mystery
By Randy Rawls 

     Johnny Nichols of Grand Saline, Texas is referred to Arthur Conan Edwards (Ace) by Ace's friend, Jake. Johnny is being blackmailed by Jade and Hugo Noble for a marital indiscretion. Ace turns over his pending cases to his close friend and fellow P.I. in Dallas, Kit Carson Levitt. Kit is in love with Ace but refuses any relationship until Ace can remove his dead former love, Terri Hart, from his mind.

     Ace departs for Dallas with his two cats, Sweeper and Striker. In Grand Saline he meets the autocratic Loticia Adams, Johnny's mother-in-law, who tells Ace she thinks he is not capable of handling the case. Mrs. Adams has successfully ruined Johnny's marriage to her daughter, Louise. She has raised their son, Matthew Thomas Evans Nichols, grooming him to enter politics; he is destined to be president. She is obsessed with her ancestors, the Adams family.

     Ace attempts to retrieve the incriminating tapes and pictures for Johnny but is foiled by the murders of Jade and Hugo. Kit arrives to help him in his investigation. They find their lives threatened by the unknown murderer and are aided by the Ghosts of Clark's Ferry.

     This is a case of a dysfunctional family whose weaknesses and pride lead to tragedy. The characters are well developed, giving the reader a glimpse into the depths of their motives. The incident of the Ghosts of Clark's Ferry is scary as well as intriguing. There are numerous references to characters and events in previous books. It would be helpful to read these first.

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