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Publisher: The Invisible College Press, LLC
Release Date: January 2002
ISBN: 1931486044
Format Reviewed: Paperback
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Genre: Suspense / Espionage
Reviewer: Nancy Mehl
Reviewer Notes: Explicit material.
Reviewer Nancy Mehl is the author of Graven Images and Sinner's Song.

A Strange Story
By D. Edward Bradley 

     A group of people thrown together at the Leeward Hotel on the small island of St. Barbe’s have a lot in common. Too much. Jon Moresby lost both parents in a car wreck. Anna Kristina Andersson watched her fiancé shot to death by rebel soldiers in El Salvador on the evening news. Judge Marvin Winchester lost his wife in the tragic crash of Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland. Now, circumstances cause all of them to find themselves in the middle of another nightmare--and no one will escape unscathed.

     Meg and Peter Calluna run the Leeward Estate Hotel. They live on St. Barbe’s with their daughter, Bobbie, and her dog, Tonto. But, something else has made its home on the island: a monster nicknamed “The Guard.” The emergence of the beast, the disappearance of a couple staying in the hotel, and the finding of a body that seemingly vanishes herald the beginning of a mystery that begins to unravel with terrifying consequences. Who is “The Organization”? And why are the police on the island trying to keep its inhabitants from leaving? Murder, espionage, and a threat that could put the entire world at risk unfold before the eyes of the frightened inhabitants of the Leeward Hotel. A race to find the truth before it’s too late puts all their lives at risk.

     D. Edward Bradley has written a pulse-pounding thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat. The plot is intricate and compelling and will hold your attention from beginning to end.

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