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Publisher: Berkley
Release Date:
March 2003
ISBN: 0425189066
Format Reviewed: Paperback
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Genre: Thriller
Reviewed: 2003
Reviewer: Dennis Collins
Reviewer Notes: Reviewer Dennis Collins is the author of The Unreal McCoy

Living Proof
By Peter J. Thompson 

     Peter Thompson's debut novel addresses an interesting possibility. Supposing that condemned criminals were not actually being executed, but were put into a comatose state and then pronounced dead by a physician with devious motives. The doctor would then transport the body to a top-secret military site where scientists would revive the supposedly dead prisoner and use him as a guinea pig for testing biological weapons and vaccines.

     Ramon Willis had been sentenced to die by lethal injection. When he awoke to find himself strapped to a bed in a stark white room surrounded by silent, faceless people dressed in white bio-hazard suits his confusion was indeed profound. He was supposed to be dead. Was this Heaven or Hell?

    An Army lieutenant stumbles on the situation and decides that he needs to rescue Ramon. It's a daring plan and the soldier is killed in the getaway, but Ramon escapes and survives. The colonel in charge of the research project can't afford to have Ramon on the loose. His freedom would endanger the entire program. It quickly becomes obvious to Ramon that anybody who helps him will also be marked for death. In desperation, he turns to newspaper reporter Lena Dryer to help him get his story into the hands of someone powerful enough to help.

     This book has an amazing pace to it. As I read it, I kept looking for a place to rest but it never came. The author takes his readers through a thrilling, non-stop chase scene that spans well over a hundred pages. The ending is not exactly what you would expect, but it's definitely not disappointing. This is a very good read, bound to please all adventure lovers.

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