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Publisher: iUniverse, Inc 
Release Date:  July,2003
ISBN: 0595281702 
Format Reviewed:  
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Genre:  Mystery
Reviewed: 2003
Reviewer: Susan Johnson 
Reviewer Notes: Author's webpage 

The Mangler of Malibu Canyon
A Screwball Mystery featuring Kerry and Terry McAfee
By Jennifer Colt 

     Criminals beware! Take the Bobbsey Twins, cross them with Stephanie Plum, give them bright red hair, place then on a Pink Harley and you have the McAfee twins.

     Once more Terry and Kerry McAfee are on the prowl. They are twin sisters who have fallen into a detective business by chance. In their previous book we learned that although they are identical twins, they are also very different.

     In this book, The Mangler of Malibu Canyon, we open with the twins foiling a high- jacking on their return trip from a much needed vacation in Hawaii. Soon after returning home they are called to their rich and eccentric Aunt Reba's side. She has discovered a body in her spare bedroom, and her son, Uncle Robert, has gone missing from an expensive rehab center just down the road.

     Reba and Robert are quickly arrested and it is up to the twins to get them off. And it gets wackier from there. The twins soon meet psycho-bikers, new age hippies, female horse trainers, well-to-do spoiled actresses, and members of a strange cult. Who in all this strangeness killed the victim and planted the body at poor Aunt Reba's?

     All great fun and a very easy read. I now know that when I am all caught up on Janet Evanovich, I am no longer lost. I now have Jennifer Colt and her whacked out twins, Terry and Kerry McAfee, to carry me through.. They are every bit as hilarious and twice as much fun.