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Publisher: Publish America
Release Date: May 2002
ISBN: 1591292425
Format Reviewed: Trade paperback
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Genre: suspense
Reviewed: 2003
Reviewer: Barbara Buhrer
Reviewer Notes:

Memories Die Last
By Tim Smith  

     Nick Seven, former CIA agent, is enjoying his retirement in Key Largo, Florida. He owns the popular Calhoun's Yacht Club and wants nothing more than to forget the memories that led to his retirement.

     CIA Chief Daniel Carrey sends Gene Brodie, Bureau Chief in charge of Domestic Affairs, to Nick to ask him to return to help capture Miles Lavender, the terrorist Nick had killed. Lavender did not die, and is ready to begin his reign of terror again. Reluctantly Nick returns to work again with Felicia Hagens. Together they are confronted with deceit, betrayal and government corruption. Their pursuit of the truth behind the murders and terror take them from Florida to Europe and end in Washington, D.C.

     This is a well-written story of suspense. The characters are well drawn with snappy dialogue. The author has captured the time and place of the action. The plot is believable and moves along at a breathtaking pace from the beginning, full of twists and turns with a surprising climax. It is especially relevant in today's atmosphere of possible terrorism.

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