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Publisher:  Harper Collins
Release Date: April 2003
ISBN: 0380731851
Format Reviewed: Paperback
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Genre: Suspense
Reviewed: 2003
Reviewer: Barbara Buhrer
Reviewer Notes:

Mystic River
Dennis Lehand

      Eleven-year-old Dave Boyle was abducted from the streets of East Buckingham and sexually molested. When he was returned four days later he was different in a way that destroyed his friendship with Sean Devine and Jimmy Marcus.

      Now 25 years later, Sean is a cop and Jimmy is a store owner with a prison record and mob connections. Dave is still unable to reconcile what happened to him.

     Jimmy's daughter, Kate, is found murdered. The three former friends must band together and confront their past in order to find the murderer.

      This is an engrossing page-turner that studies the effects of a savage killer on the Blue Collar neighborhood, The Flats.

     It is beautifully written with richly drawn characters and their reactions to the murder and to their tragic past.

     The book is in turns violent, thoughtful and emotionally wrenching. It is a grim story combining love, friendship, betrayal and revenge.

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