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Publisher: Berkely Prime Crime 
Release Date:  Dec. 2003
Format Reviewed: Paperback 
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Genre:  Mystery / cozy / Historical
Reviewed: 2003
Reviewer: Brenda Weeaks 

No Clue at the Inn
Pennyfoot Hotel series (revisited)
By Kate Kingsbury

     Cecily Sinclair Baxter sold the Pennyfoot Hotel to Edward Sandringham a couple of years ago. She and Bax are living in London when Sandringham sends them an invitation that sounds more like a favor. But that's just fine with Cecily because she is dying to revisit the Pennyfoot. Sandringham wants them to manage the hotel turned country club while he is away. His most recent manager was found dead at the bottom of a well. Some think his death a mystery. Cecily is excited at the thought of walking the grounds of the Pennyfoot, contemplating another mystery.

    Baxter and Cecily arrive at Pennyfoot to find many changes. The Industrial and modern changes have left their mark on Badgers End. Cecily decides to give the Pennyfoot patrons one of her old fashion Christmas celebrations -- of course, help comes by way of Madeline and Phoebe. Also returning as invited guests are Gertie, the twins and Mrs. Chubb - the former staff of Pennyfoot.

    The job takes on an ominous tone as Cecily and Baxter hear first hand about the former manager's death. Cecily decides it warrants some detective work, especially after another crime is committed, and this time it's at the Pennyfoot. Bax just hopes she doesn't risk her life solving it, as she has before.

     So much is packed into this Pennyfoot reunion. The characters delight and the mystery entertains. You can't ask for anything more. The mystery reads like a cozy, and blends well into the Pennyfoot reunion. Series followers will discover where the regular characters are in their lives after a couple of years off the shelf. Readers will see that one can go home again, if it's a place they love.

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