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Release Date: October 2003 
ISBN: 1-59088-715-8 
Format Reviewed: Paperback 
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Genre: Suspense/Thriller
Reviewed: 2003
Reviewer: Pam Stone
Reviewer Notes:

Nowhere to Hide
By Joan Hall Hovey  

     Ellen Harris has had a lot of tragedy in her life. At 16 her mother and father were killed in an auto accident after they had been drinking. Even when they were alive, Ellen was still the caregiver for her younger sister because her parents were always drunk. Then she lost her 36-year-old husband to a massive heart attack. All she had left after that was her little sister Gail Morgan, who she had raised after her parents died. Ellen was so happy that in five days she would see Gail, as she was flying from New York to spend the holiday season with Ellen in their hometown of Evansdale, Maine. Ellen was so proud of Gail, who was becoming a big time singer. When Ellen gets to the airport to pick up Gail, she finds out that Gail was not aboard her flight. Ellen senses that something is definitely wrong. She begins to dial the phone and in her peripheral vision she sees a policeman walking towards her. Walking with him is her best friend Myra. Ellen notices the look of anguish on Myra's face. All at once Ellen feels like a cold hand has been laid on her heart and the blood drain from her body.

     Gail had been savagely beaten, raped and strangled. Ellen loses touch with reality at first and then she knows what she must do: go to New York and try and find the killer herself. Ellen goes on TV to try and draw out the killer but as she sits there she knows that she must challenge the killer to come after her. That's when things really get scary.

     At first Ellen gets a call from the killer, then there is a note placed under the windshield wiper of her car that says in red letters YOU'RE IT. Now the hunter becomes the hunted. Ellen was brave while putting herself in danger, but smart enough to know that when she challenged the killer, she was way in over her head, but she had to go through it with a little help. That made her a more believable heroine to me
I loved Ms Hovey's first book Listen To The Shadows and I love Nowhere To Hide even better. Ms. Hovey has created a serial killer who is truly a monster of all monsters, that is so terrifying you will make sure that all the lights are on and that all the doors are locked. I actually checked mine twice while reading this book...