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Publisher: PublishAmerica
Release Date: June 20, 2002
ISBN: 1591294398
Format Reviewed: Trade Paperback
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Genre: Mystery / Caper / Humor
Reviewer: Brenda Weeaks,
Reviewer Notes:

Opportunity Slips
A Mystery Caper
By Sherban Young

A complex caper at it's best.

    In his second mystery, Opportunity Slips, Sherban Young once again gives mystery readers a mix of mystery and wit.

    Reggie Stark is running for his life. He stops to phone his fiancé to let her know he's in trouble. After getting a man on the line, he finally reaches her. And here is where readers see just a hint of Young's wit.

     "Is that you, Peaches? Well, who was - ? Oh, that Harry. You didn't tell me you were inviting your brother over. Because I don't like him, that's why. No, never mind it now. No, just skip it. Listen, remember me telling you about those people? The ones in that business deal I was working on? Well, I think they're trying to kill me now. That's right, kill me. What? No, I did not break my diet! Are you listening to me? People are trying to kill me! No, this is not a gag. I am not 'fooling about.' What? Well, I don't care what Harry thinks about it. I am telling you the truth! I am! What's that? Well, I am."

     Enter Ted Soulfield, an old friend looking for Reggie. He is greeted at Reggie's apartment by someone bearing arms, or should I say cans. Anyway, no one seems to be worried about Reggie, since he's been known to over react. That is until Ted drives off and is greeted by a stowaway bearing arms, this time in the form of a gun. And here is where I would love to quote the humorous scenes in the car between Soulfield and his stowaway, but won't. You can, however, find the first chapter at Young's website:

     As the mystery moves on, Ted meets some unusual characters who are either involved with Reggie or with his disappearance -- some young and attractive, some selfish or conniving, some hilariously bad, and some just plain umm… duh-like.

     Once Ted realizes something is going on, he takes to sleuthing. Well, really the sleuthing comes to him through the other characters who are curious about Reggie's disappearance after all. Ted falls in with this cast of curious characters and ends up in a spur-of-the- moment plan, with him as the lead imposter. It's situation after situation with a plot that gets thicker and thicker. About halfway through the mystery, Ted is in so deep, I'm sure he will never get out alive.

     Although I could compare both Young's stand-alone mysteries with P.G. Wodehouse's "Jeeves" series or Rex Stout's "Nero Wolfe" series, Young does have a writing style all his own. His mysteries are meticulous; he's generous with his characters and carries off some distinctly funny dialogue.

     If you are looking for a fresh voice in humorous, cozy, caper-like mysteries, you can't go wrong with Sherban Young.

     If I recommend one book for the New Year, it's Opportunity Slips.

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