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Publisher: Barclay Books, LLC
Release Date: 2003
ISBN: 1931402345
Format Reviewed: Paperback
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Genre: Fiction-Suspense
Reviewer: Jen Oliver
Reviewer Notes:

The Palindrome Conspiracy
By David Toy 

     This book introduces the reader to Hannah Sabino and Otto Belzer who attempt to stop Ang Ahas, a leader of a cartel of Philippine and American politicians from controlling the world's money supply. During their adventures, Hannah hooks back up with her friend, Dempsey, who is not exactly who she claims she is. Hannah faces losing the things that are dear to her, including her parents.

     The main plot of stopping Ang Ahas is well developed, while the romance between Hannah and Otto plays a great second fiddle. The characterizations of Hannah and Otto as they fight for their survival are well done and their romance gets a well-deserved, unrushed chance to develop.

     In today's world, the frightening plot is a realistic, containing a twist that not many readers should be able to decipher.

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