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Publisher: PublishAmerica
Release Date: July 2003
ISBN: 1592860362
Format Reviewed: Trade paperback
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Genre: Mystery
Reviewed: 2003
Reviewer: Barbara Buhrer
Reviewer Notes:

Parrot on a Limb
A Quinn McKay mystery
By Lori Wolf

     Ex-cop Quinn McKay has left his past behind him to seek seclusion and healing in Ojai, Southern California, as a sheep herder and handyman for Tracy Huddleston-Gardner. He carries the burden of a father imprisoned as a child molester and the guilt of accidentally killing a child during a police chase. Add to that the end of his relationship with the woman he loves.

     His employer, Tracy Huddleston-Gardner, designs and makes guitars for many top stars. She has a quick temper and is always at odds with her employees, suppliers, and competitors, as well as her daughter.

     A series of murders, which manifest themselves in dismembered limbs with threatening notes attached, target Tracy. When her young daughter, Melody, turns up missing, Tracy draws Quinn into the search.

     With the help of a private investigator, lovely Jane Gardner, Quinn delves into the mystery that involves ecoterrorists, drug abusers, and police who resent interference from the ex-cop.

     This is a suspenseful page-turner with a hero of flawed characteristics, determined to fight against the odds to bring justice to the innocent. The action is constant. The suspense builds to a climax with the confrontation of the murderer whose identity comes as a surprise.

     The passages about the designing and creation of guitars are illuminating and informative.

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