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Publisher: WillowTree Press/E.M.A. Mysteries
Release Date: July 2002
ISBN: 0-9678221-9-X
Format Reviewed:
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Genre: Suspense / Thriller / Paranormal Mystery
Reviewer: Susan Johnson
Reviewer Notes: Wicca interests

Perfect Trust
A Rowan Gant Investigation
By M.R.Sellars

     Upon opening the book Perfect Trust, this reader was in for quite a surprise. The main character in this book is Rowan Gant, a practicing witch. As I was telling a friend about this book he said, "You mean a warlock, don't you?" Read the book and you will discover that there are, in fact, male witches and a warlock is something entirely different.

     You will also discover many more interesting facts about witches. They are not all bad. They help people, and their holidays are often close to the mainstream holidays and many of the mainstream holidays are derived from so-called pagan holidays.

     In this book, Perfect Trust, the main character is Rowan Gant. He sees things and hears things that the normal human cannot. This has intensified after a near-death experience almost a year ago. We learn that in less than two years Rowan had come face-to-face with not one, but two serial killers and from the visions he is now having another killer may be on the hunt.

Although Rowan is the main character, he has many supporting characters that make the book all the more engrossing. His wife, Felicity, is also a witch and a photographer. Ben, his best friend, a full-blooded Native American, is also a homicide detective. Ben and Rowan have worked together before.

The book takes place in a short time just before Christmas. Rowan has been having strange dreams and waking experiences and dreads what he knows is sure to come. He must once again convince his dear friend Ben that something is going on, and someone's life is in danger.

I truly enjoyed this book, not only for the fast-paced story, but also for the interesting tidbits and facts that the writer included about the beliefs of modern-day witches and how they live their lives. I would recommend to mystery readers, fantasy readers and readers interested in modern day witchcraft.

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