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Publisher: Delacorte Press/ Random House
Release Date: May 2003
ISBN: 0385226667
Format Reviewed: Hardcover
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Genre: Suspense/thriller
Reviewed: 2003
Reviewer: Barbara Buhrer

A Jack Reacher novel
By Lee Child  

     On the way to a concert Jack Reacher spots Quinn, a former intelligence officer he thought he had killed 10 years ago.

     When he tries to gain information about Quinn, his source informs the Feds.

     In order to get close to Quinn, Reacher becomes involved in an off-the-book investigation of Zachary Beck, whom they suspect is a kingpin in the drug traffic. The Feds also have to rescue an agent who was sent to investigate Beck and who is now missing.

     They set up a fake kidnapping of Beck's son, Richard. When Reacher "rescues" Richard, he gains access to Beck's isolated estate on the Maine coast as Richard's savior and now bodyguard. He must find the missing agent and also find the connection between Beck and Quinn.

     The action begins in chapter one and accelerates at a breakneck speed, right to the last page.

     The plot is superbly written with many twists. There are scenes of violence and brutality which are not for the faint-hearted reader.

     Jack Reader is an intrepid, indestructible hero with a strong moral sense. His exploits are phenomenal. His two swims in the ocean around the Beck estate are graphic in description and leave the reader struggling with him. No other hero, unless it is perhaps Cussler's Dirk Pitt, could have survived to achieve his aim.

     Lee Child has written powerful and suspenseful books, and he improves with each one.

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