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Publisher: Echelon Press
Release Date:
ISBN: 1590802039
Format Reviewed: Paperback
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Genre: Mystery / suspense
Reviewed: 2003
Reviewer: Barbara Buhrer
Reviewer Notes:

The Plot
By Kathleen Lamarche 

     Cassandra ( Cassie) Hart, newspaper reporter, receives a telephone call from her father, Madison Hart, famous columnist and author. He needs her to meet him at Reagan Airport to discuss information he uncovered which will lead to a Pulitzer Prize.

     When she reaches the airport, she finds that her father has been killed by a hit and run driver. She is convinced that it was a deliberate attack to prevent his disclosing his information.

     When she arrives at her father's home after the funeral, she finds Madison's study trashed, his computer discs stolen, his computer blanked out, which leads her to believe someone is after his files.

     Washington, D.C. Chief Investigator, Max Henshaw, is assigned to the case. Cassie had been warned by her father to trust no one but his former secretary, Selena Cordon. But Cassie finds that she and Max both suspect sinister forces at work. They learn that Madison's college classmate, Hamilton Bates, was a member of a group called Penseur, which believes in world domination, abolition of gun control and individual rights, and is conspiring to take over the government.

     Cassie and Max, with the aid of Serena and a group of Freedom Fighters, struggle against almost impossible odds to obtain the information which will prove Bates' treachery and thwart his goals.

     The characters are developed in depth with their doubts and questions of trust and betrayal. The suspense begins with the first chapter and builds up continually until the final confrontation. The well-crafted plot is believable. It is timely, showing what can happen if power is held in the hands of a few unscrupulous power hungry men. Do not begin this book unless you are willing to sacrifice your well-earned sleep. Once you begin to read this you won't be able to put it down.

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