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Publisher: Poisoned Pen Press
Release Date: February 2003
ISBN: 1590580508
Format Reviewed: Advanced Reader Copy
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Genre: Mystery
Reviewer: Jen Oliver
Reviewer Notes:

Prairie Gothic
By J. M. Hayes 

     Prairie Gothic reintroduces readers to Mad Dog and the Englishman. Saying that, this book could be a stand-alone, and does not necessarily need the reading of the first book in the series. Prairie Gothic takes places during a howling blizzard and where mysterious corpses and bones are being found. Mad Dog continues to work with his pet hybrid-wolf in finding the mysterious bones, the first being of a young child. There is also a death at the local senior center that the Englishman finds himself wrapped up in.

     The scenery of the blizzard adds to the intensity of this story. In order for the intensity to be so good, it would have to take place with a Mother Nature type of storm. Mad Dog and his half-brother's characterizations continue to be added with each page. The story line adds its old Cheyenne Indian mystery mixed with common-day appeal. The mystery has several different parts to it and always leaves the reader intrigued to find out what is going on the next page.

      Prairie Gothic is a fairly quick read with lots of intensity. It also has a bit of a unique sense of humor.

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