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Publisher:  Warner Books
Release Date: Sept. 2003
ISBN: 0446531782
Format Reviewed: Audio Cassette (Abridged) - Four Cassettes / 6 hours
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Genre: Suspense / Military / JAG
Reviewed: 2003
Reviewer: Brenda Weeaks
Reviewer Notes:

Private Sector
Sean Drummond JAG Series, No. 4
Brian Haig
Read by: John Rubinstein and Michael Emerson

     With his toothy smile and quick wit, JAG officer Sean Drummond returns in his fourth episode. Drummond seems to rub most people the wrong way. He may not be the most lovable character, but he is the one to follow for nonstop political intrigue and military action.

     Drummond has been assigned to the "private sector," a law firm, to be exact, replacing Lisa Morrow at Culper, Hutch, and Westin. Lisa, a returning JAG officer from a previous "Sean Drummond" storyline, has gone through the usual emotional mix of being both attracted to and repelled by Drummond.

     As Drummond ponders a possible relationship with her, he runs across a crime scene where Lisa is the victim, the first of three prominent women to be murdered. With the help of Lisa's sister, Drummond gets to work on the investigation, suspecting everyone and watching his own back. Unfortunately, he drops his guard once too often and pays dearly for it.

      This is an impressive series. Drummond is the kind of character one remembers long after the last page is turned. This episode is full of suspects, twists, action and quick wit. Reach for a series that is meant to be addictive: Brian Haig's JAG series.

      The audio version is read by two actors. Lead narrator is actor John Rubinstein, already a veteran to the Haig series, having narrated Secret Sanction, Moral Allies and The Kingmaker. Actor Michael Emerson reads the part of the killer, and he does a good job; especially chilling is the deep, mechanical voice.

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