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Publisher: AdvanceBooks
Release Date: September 2002
ISBN: 0970622457
Format Reviewed: Paperback
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Genre: Mystery
Reviewer: Susan Johnson
Reviewer Notes:

Promises Town
A Texas Mystery
By LB Cobb  

     Virginia Rodriguez is a tough young Hispanic woman with an even tougher job. She is scratching out a living as the Assistant District Attorney in Bayou City, Texas. As a single mother, she is about to take a well-deserved vacation and watch her only son graduate from high school.

     The last thing she needs is to be assigned to the case of Federal Prosecutor Stuart Fullerton. Fullerton has stepped on some mighty big toes in Washington, DC and has now turned up dead in a hotel room. His wife was found standing over him with the murder weapon and appears to be the scorned woman.

     Easy as pie. Open and shut case. Except that some people in high places want this case solved a little too quickly and Virginia realizes that Ms. Fullerton may indeed be innocent. If she digs too deeply into this one, Virginia's career may be on the line. If she doesn't, another young woman's life may be on the line.

     The story moves along quickly with many supporting characters that are equally engrossing. Just when the reader thinks they have the mystery solved, another monkey wrench is thrown into the mix. It was also very satisfying having a main character that was not only female but a minority, a strong woman with a lot of the same problems many single mothers face each day.

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