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Publisher: BerkleyPrime Crime  
Release Date:  Sept. 2003
ISBN:   0425193101
Format Reviewed: Trade paperback 
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Genre: Mystery / cozy /amateur sleuth  
Reviewed: 2003
Reviewer: Barbara Buhrer  
Reviewer Notes:  

Room for Murder
By Tim Myers

     It's a busy time at the Hatteras West Inn and Lighthouse. There is the unveiling of the newly built DualKeeper's Quarters. There is the debate between mayoral candidates, Tracy Shook and Oxford Hitchcock. And now there is the wedding of Inn keeper, Alex Winston's, best friend, Mor Pendleton to Emma Sturbridge at which Alex is to be best man.

     All this comes to a halt when the body of Emma's ex-husband, Toby, is discovered on the front seat of Mor's truck. Mor is Sheriff Armstrong's chief suspect as Toby had been an abusive husband and was threatening Emma. At Mor's request Alex undertakes to discover the reason for the murder and to find the murderer.

     Before this can be resolved Hitchcock is murdered, presenting complications for Tracy, whose ex-husband, Conner was his campaign manager. It's up to Alex to prove Mor's innocence while trying to protect the Inn from a couple investigating the Inn's "ghost" for a tabloid. None of this is helping Alex in his pursuit of Elise Danton, his housekeeper.

     This is a cozy mystery with Alex Winston as a very likeable character. The atmosphere of the Inn is pleasant, making the reader wish to make a reservation. We are reacquainted with the cast of characters of the town from previous novels. The plot is well constructed and believable. The progress of Alex's hopeful romance with Elise is amusing to watch.

     This is a pleasant fast read with a minimum of violence and with much insight into the keeping of an inn.