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Publisher: Time Warner Audio Books
Release Date: May 2000
ISBN: 1-58621-497-7
Format Reviewed: Audio Cassette
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Genre: Mystery/Thriller
Reviewed: 2003
Reviewer: Jo Rogers
Reviewer Notes: Language, Violence

The Rules of Silence
By David Lindsey 

     David Lindsey, author of Animosity, a book I reviewed earlier, has written his twelfth thriller, The Rules of Silence. It tells the story of Titus Cain, a wealthy business owner near Austin, Texas.

     One evening, Cain relaxed alone on his patio. His wife was in Italy with the Louise Thrush, wife of Titus’ best friend, Charlie Thrush. Suddenly, he saw a flicker of movement in the shadows. He wondered how anyone could get this close without the dogs alerting him. It was then he noticed the dogs weren’t at his feet.

     Three men stood just beyond the circle of light in his courtyard. Then, Cayetano Luquin emerged from the darkness and sat down. He told Cain that, although he would be free to move about, to consider himself kidnapped. Over the next four days, Cain would make a series of "bad investments" amounting to a quarter of Cain’s net worth, sixty-four million dollars. This money would be placed in a special account set up for Luquin. To prove he meant business, he had his men kill Cain’s dogs. Then, he and his men left.

     Cain couldn’t go to the FBI or the police. Luquin had said people would die if he did that. So he went to the ex-CIA agent that had helped him with a hostage situation a few years before. The man put him in touch with another agent, Garcia Burden. Together, they formulated a plan to stop Luquin from preying on others. But could they stop him in time?

     The Rules of Silence is a hair-raising look at the shady world of thieves who have no regard for life. Men like Cayetano Luquin are ruthless when it comes to getting what they want. But men like Burden are equally determined to stop them. This is book you won’t want to put down.

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