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Publisher: Harper Collins  
Release Date: June 2003  
ISBN: 0066212375 
Format Reviewed: Hardcover 
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Genre: Mystery/police  
Reviewed: 2003
Reviewer: Barbara Buhrer  
Reviewer Notes:  

A Jane Cordiotti mystery
By Clyde Phillips  

      Silicon Valley billionaire Philip Iverson is famous for helping needy children. Shortly after donating 50 million dollars to build a cancer wing on a children's hospital, he is found shot to death in the hotel parking garage. An hour later a black Skid Row bum is found stabbed to death.

      Detective Jane Cordiotti is assigned the high profile billionaire's case, but feels she must also give equal attention to this other case. As she investigates with her husband, detective Kenny Marks, she finds unexpected connections with Iverson's past. Several murders occur with similar characteristics which link him two original cases.

      There is political pressure brought by Iverson's wife to bring the serial killer to justice while there is no clue as to the reason behind the killings. In addition to this, Jane has problems working with her husband and with an ambitious underling who resents being assigned to working on the case of the bum.

     The characters are outstanding and powerful. The lives of Cordiotti and Marks, which do not always mesh, and how they make things work out are treated realistically. Jane must struggle to find a balance between a career and marriage. The story moves fast with enough plot twists to hold the attention of the reader. The dialogue is fast and snappy.

     This is a well-written police procedural, a compelling page turner and an exciting, suspenseful ride.