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Publisher: IUniverse
Release Date: March, 2003
ISBN: 0595269974
Format Reviewed:
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Genre: Thriller / Adventure / Romance
Reviewed: 2003
Reviewer: Janet Elaine Smith
Reviewer Notes:

Seduction in a Maze
By Latonya Collier 

     Seduction in a Maze is a tale of love, drugs, abuse, and revenge. The main female character, Tee, falls in love with Aaron. They move in together, but do not get married. When things turn sour, they decide the only way to get a fresh start is to move to a new location. They find themselves in a section of Indianapolis which is known as "the Maze."

     Both of the main characters come from an abusive background, and it is very difficult for them to relate to any other way of life. Aaron soon hooks up with a gang, and before long he is rolling in dough-and in trouble.

     This book offers a real roller-coaster ride for the reader. One minute you will want to cheer for the duo, hoping that everything will turn out all right, and the next minute you will feel like turning them over your knee and paddling them, as they just don't seem to grow up.

     When Aaron is killed, Tee is certain that the gang is responsible for his death. She develops a very complex, yet ingenious plot of revenge, which involves not only getting even, but making them believe they really want what she dishes out to them.

     A very different book, but one which will have you reading page-after-page to find out if Tee's plot can possibly work. A very good read, and an ending you would never imagine.

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