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Publisher:  Avon/Harper Collins
Release Date:  Sept 2003
ISBN:  0060534389
Format Reviewed:  Paperback
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Genre:   Mystery / Police / Cozy
Reviewed: 2003
Reviewer: Barbara Buhrer  

Share in Death
Kincaid and James Mystery #1
By Deborah Crombie 

     When Scotland Yard's Superintendent Duncan Kincaid arrives at Followdale House, a luxurious time-share in Yorkshire, he hopes for a relaxing holiday from the stress of his job. Instead, he becomes embroiled in yet another murder. One of the guests at Followdale is found floating in the whirlpool bath.

     Although the local police are not enthusiastic about his involvement, he continues his pursuit of the murderer. He sends for his young assistant, Sergeant Gemma Jones, and has her check into the background of the various guests. They find that everyone seems to have something to hide--to have a skeleton in his closet.

     The situation escalates when another murder occurs and the two find themselves racing against time before there is another.

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